Thursday, September 18, 2014

Author David Brookover talks new Teddi McCoy thriller

NORWALK, Ohio — Norwalk author David Brookover had two sources of inspiration for his latest novel — his late mother-in-law and an interview with the NORWALK REFLECTOR newspaper/Cary's Comics Craze.

His 10th novel, THE BURIAL GROUND, is set in Bismarck, N.D. This is the fourth book featuring FBI supernatural investigator Teddi McCoy.

“She’s my most popular character. She sells well internationally,” Brookover said.

Novelist David Brooker shows off his latest Teddi McCoy
Since McCoy is based out of Florida, Brookover was asked how the FBI agent ends up in North Dakota. He said the last McCoy novel, CREATURES, ends with one of her friends from Florida asking for help.

“And she traveled to Bismarck,” Brookover said.

“But you don’t have to read ‘Creatures’ to read ‘The Burial Ground,’” the author quickly added.

The setting is where Brookover’s late mother-in-law, Norwalk resident Rosemary Bellamy, comes into play.

“She read my first book 10 years ago. It scared her so bad she didn’t read the others,” Brookover said.

However, Bellamy supported her son-in-law’s writing career.

“One winter day (in 2012), she asked me if I wouldn’t write a story of where she grew up, Bismarck, N.D.,” Brookover said.

“I said I would. … I took it seriously,” he added, referring to the promise he made her.

That same promise is the dedication of THE BURIAL GROUND.

A teaser on lets readers know that Brookover’s Mortal Eclipse team is involved in the supernatural mystery.

“Not only will Jackson ‘Swamp Jack’ LaFevre and Dex lend Teddi a hand in solving it, but some of your old friends join her (McCoy) when the magic starts to fly,” Brookover wrote.

Brookover credits an earlier interview with the REFLECTOR/CCC with combining some of his characters into the same book. This reporter had asked the author if that was a plan for a future novel.

“I said, ‘No, I actually hadn’t thought of that,’” Brookover said this week.

The local author finds inspiration in the way novelists Stephen King, Dean Koontz, James Patterson and Stuart Woods write.

“I try to fashion that style of short chapters from James Patterson,” Brookover said.

 “I try to get crisp dialogue from Stuart Woods. I’ve always enjoyed his dialogue,” he added.

THE BURIAL GROUND was released earlier this month. It took Brookover eight months to write it.

“Sometimes it takes seven months, sometimes nine months,” he said about writing his novels.

The BURIAL GROUND cover features dinosaur fossils.

“I’ve always been interested in dinosaurs,” Brookover said. “But these dinosaurs have a genetic twist,” he added with a smile.

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