Friday, August 1, 2014

More thoughts on the raw 'Dawn of Justice' footage

Keep in mind, I haven’t seen what what director Zack Snyder is quoted as calling “a little trailer” and “a teeny little thing.”

The raw footage for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that Snyder revealed last weekend at the San Diego Comic Con International (better known simply as "Comic-Con" or even by its initials SDCC) lasts less than a minute. But that’s been more than enough to get fans’ tongues wagging and their mouths watering. (It's already had me thinking — check out my review/analysis in this op-ed I wrote just after the news hit the Internet.)
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So what can we take away from this footage? 

First off, it’s obviously dark stuff. There’s certainly more of a moody Batman vibe than anything else.

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While I doubt this is the first time Superman and Batman will meet in “Dawn of Justice,” there’s definitely no love lost between the two. It’s pretty obvious Supes has a serious head of steam going; it’s likely due to something that happened earlier in the film. 

 The end of the footage infers the Dark Knight and Man of Steel are about to get into a massive smackdown. 

SANDUSKY REGISTER sports editor Mark Hazelwood, a lifelong Superman fan, constantly reminds me the results of a Superman-Batman battle are ridiculous since the Man of Steel has superhuman strength. 

“When (Henry) Cavill’s eyes turn red, he’d be able to nuke Batfleck on the spot, game over. Not believable, even by comic book standards,” Hazelwood told me in a recent email. 

True enough, but my biggest worry about “Dawn of Justice” boils down to its focus. As I’ve said before, I hope there’s more meat to this film than just slugfest after slugfest.

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