Saturday, July 12, 2014

'Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1 -- The God Butcher' trade review

The perpetually battle-ready Thor versus a heartless, evil deity called "the God Butcher"? Everyone's favorite Asgardian with a hammer against an equally vengeful god (really more of an anti-god) with a metaphorical ax to grind against every forgotten or useless deity?

That's what you get with the first five issue of Marvel Comics' latest reboot of Thor, the Marvel Now ongoing series, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER.

Writer Jason Aaron's story starts out slowly, but when the momentum gets going - wow. Watch out. Artist Esad Ribic delivers a musclebound mountain man with arms to die for -- just what I love about the best renditions of Thor.

In 893 A.D., Thord Odinson-- a man who loves his life of warring and women -- discovers a severed head and determines it belongs to a god. Fast-forward to the present day when thor uses his power to produce rain to save the inhabitants who are experiencing a severe drought on their planet Indigarr -- only to realize its people have no gods. And then. It. Is. On from there!

Truthfully, the vast majority of my exposure to Thor has been through The Avengers. And the best Avengers stories with the God of Thunder is when Thor is ready to "have it thee." You know, kick some serious ass! And you gotta love it when Thor proceeds to do just that.

In short, there's plenty of those moments in these issues.

Needless to say, Aaaron delivers in that aspect. Plus some! Thor's ready to take down the ruthless God Butcher from the first time he discovers massacred gods -- and he wants his revenge no matter the time frame. The story jumps from when Thor was young (when he wielded an ax and not mighty Mjolnir), the present day and when Thor is an old man as the king and only survivor of Asgard.

The God Butcher is much like an obsessed, psychotic Joker or Red Skull with no remorse to Thor's Batman or Captain America, who is determined to bring him down. Thor is just as unwilling to back down as the God Butcher, so we're talking fun stuff for Thor fans!

Sure, I eventually wanted to know what the bad guy's motivation is a few issues into it. But I was too busy enjoying the battle. I soon realized I didn't much care why the baddie was on such a rampage.

So what are you waiting for, fans? "Have it thee!" Grade: A-

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