Friday, July 11, 2014

New CCP Comics artist is 'living the dream' (CCC exclusive interview)

AKRON, Ohio — Joseph Scott, is in his own words, is "living the dream."

After all, as a youngster, he said went to comic-book conventions with his lifelong best firend, Travis Campbell, and wished they could be the artists "behind the table" one day.
"It was fun to meet the artits. We always dreamed of one day being behind the table. So I guess in some way we're living the dream," said Scott, a 35-year-old Alliance, Ohio resident.

At the Akron-Canton Comic Con, the personable artist was selling prints he's drawn and inked of Batman and The Joker. He also was promoting the first issue of the CCP Comics series, FATHER FAUST. The Austin, Texas-based company published the first issue in October.

"I'll be starting on issue five next week," Scott said.

CCP Comics Chief Editor McLain Maguire said "the first round of comics have been doing well -- considering it's the first time out," Scott said when asked how sales were going.

Plans are pending for when CCP will release the second issue of FATHER FAUST.

Scott said the company plans to use the same coloring style as the first isue, but CCP has had problems hiring a colorist.

"The biggest proble, is colorists are hard to find. ... Apparently, everyone wants to be an artist; nobody wants to be a colorist," he said.

Scott outlined how he and FATHER FAUST writer, CCP assistant chief editor Seth Humble, handle each issue.

First, Scott does an admittedly "rough sketch" on 8-by-10 paper, which he scans and emails to Humble.

"We (then) do a Skype and talk about each page," Scott said. "We hammer out each page and the details or modifications."

The artists, who was hired by CCP in 2011, gives himself a three-month deadline to complete an issue.

"I said three months was OK," Scott said. "I usually get done two weeks ahead of time. As long as I crank out two pages a week, that meets the deadline."

The full-time movie theater manager has a degree in we graphich design from Stark State University/ Scott made himself a promise if he ever broke into the comics industry.

"No matter how big I get, I'm never going to have someone pay for my autograph," he said.

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