Friday, July 11, 2014

More from CCP artist Joseph Scott (CCC exclusive interview)

AKRON, Ohio -- Comics artist Joseph Scott said for any person trying to break into the industry, he or she faces various hurdles.

"It just comes with the territory," he said.

Scott, 35, said he was told early in his career his drawings reminded people of Jim Lee -- almost to the point of being derivative. However, the Alliance, Ohio resident said he's matured past that, but fans likely will always see Lee's influence on his work since the modern legend is one of his favorite artists.

"I got signed by CCP (Comics) in 2011. They are based out of Texas," Scott said.

He broke into the comics industry in what may be the old-fashioned way -- by showing off his work to publishers at comic-book conventions.

"I went to the Mid-Ohio Con in 2011," Scott said, recalling it was at his wife's urging. "My wife said, 'Why don't we take your stuff to an actual comic con and show it around and see who is around.'"

That's how Scott met CCP Comics Chief Editor McLain Maguire. And was hired soon thereafter.

At the convention, Scott approached the CCP table and requested the employee sitting there to share a sample from his portfolio and contact information with their boss. As luck would have it, Scott said the person told him, "He's sitting right here."

Scott shared his portfolio with Maguire and things moved quickly from there.

"He said, 'I'll call you Monday,'" Scott said.

The artist, when asked what he thought about that response, said he wanted to believe Maguire would be in touch with him.

"Pretty soon thereafter, I got an email from him," Scott said. "The job offer was, 'We aren't going to get rich, but we will make comics.'"

CCP assigned Scott to draw FATHER FAUST with assistant chief editor Seth Humble. According to, "Father Daniel Faust is the last line of defense when demonic possessions manifest, but after years of service, Faust begins to question his capability and his own sanity when he finds a demon even he cannot exorcize."

The first issue came out in October.

To learn how artist Joseph Scott and writer Scott Humble plan each of issue of FATHER FAUST and more from Scott himself, go to this link at CCC.

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